“Just because a doctor prescribes a medicine, does not make it correct for us. Many doctors have deals set with pharmaceutical companies that pay them a high commission rate to prescribe their specific drugs. SOME doctors will prescribe the drugs that help their pockets instead of the patient. Once a patient becomes addicted, they will help these shady companies become richer and grow by renewing their prescriptions… These doctors are basically glorified DRUG DEALERS…”


“One thing that separates me from many others, is I do not tell people what they want to hear. In my business, I speak the truth. I do not pretend be friends with people just to make them clients, like so many other trainers I worked with in the past. I also do not give praise unless it is deserved, not just to keep a client. My only concern is dealing with serious hardworking people that only want results… That’s what I am paid to do and that is why I use social media…”

“I have average genetics, average height and I do not have large muscles. However, I do strive daily to be the most naturally powerful, flexible, most knowledgeable and most explosive 5 foot 8 175-180lb athlete that I can be while I am still young and healthy… JOIN & SHARE MY LIKE PAGE below and I will keep all the members updated with valuable information, my wisdom, my exercises and my personal tips each week…”

“I know the title is a little extreme. However, I feel children should not be exposed to candy, processed foods or junk food. The brain cells develop with the sugar cravings at a young age and it will be extremely difficult to revert once the child reaches adulthood… I feel you should only feed children natural fruits and vegetables right away and the child will grow up more intelligent and healthy… Artificial ingredients cause many behavioral problems in adults and children and usually masked by prescription drugs…”


“2015 will be the same as 2014. I will continue to follow the same plan with more intensity than the previous year. 2015 will be the start of my prime years until the end of this decade…”



“From experience, always be careful of people who refer to themselves as a boss. Usually these type of people are insecure, angry and have the need to control people. I have learned over the years to consider everyone I work with my equal partners. People have the choice to freely work with me and I also have the same choice to work with others.”

“The way you know someone is determined on reaching their goal, is by that goal being on their mind every five minutes. Everything that they do revolves around the objective. People always talk on social media about what they want to do, however they are not committed. I measure a person’s motivation by how much comforts they sacrifice in their daily life to reach that goal and by the length of the time they stay focused on the same dream…”


“One of the ways you can determine how good a fitness trainer’s skill level is by their ability to design a detailed personalized fitness plan with the least amount of equipment and still get great results… You can also judge their nutritional knowledge by how they get their clients results; with the least amount of supplements, knowledge of natural foods and by not recommending harmful synthetic chemicals… Great fitness professionals know how to avoid client shortcuts and teach a permanent healthy lifestyle…”


“Any time I make a post or a comment on social media, it is to educate and inform the people around me. Many people post stuff for selfish reasons as far as to collect likes to boost their own ego or confidence. I do my own daily self evaluation each day when it comes to checking my ego or performance. I would rather get one like from one intelligent person, than to get likes from many people who have no clue about life…”

“Each day I answer a lot of emails of people who want money for their work with no journalistic experience or they have no following. My answer is pretty simple. Once you prove you can drive 100k or more people a month to Real Combat Media, then you have some worth. I provide everyone with all the tips to succeed and it is up to the ‘INDIVIDUAL’ what they do with the SOCIAL MEDIA/SEO platform we provide…If a person does not produce solid numbers, they have no ‘MONETARY’ value…”


“Now I believe you have to win the small battles through the day to win the big battle… The small challenges for me is resisting the artificial food, the corn syrup, processed sugars and fried foods that I crave each day… When I am doing well in the kitchen, I will have no problems when it comes to the big challenges that are coming up for me…”

“Body language, tone of speech and eye movement are very important to study when you are choosing your friends or business associates. Just knowing someone online is not the best way of determining a person’s character. There are very intelligent people who are scam artists or can create their own character. A person can copy the best quotes, dress well, look great in photos and frequently talk about God to build a following… 

Through experience; my advice is to have video conferences, conduct extensive background checks or meet someone in person. Then you will have a better idea when making a decision on who is a potential business associate, partner or friend…” 

“I use social media networks to promote my brand and business. I also use my social media to study the talented minds and learn ideas from the best people… The most significant reason is to help motivate people, give advice and spread positive thinking. #REALCOMBATMEDIA entertains people and#ARTOFHEALTHANDFITNESS develops people…”

“Growing up as person with mixed ethnicities has it’s advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages are you grow up hearing that one ethnicity is superior to the other and you usually are not fully accepted by either culture. The advantages are that you gain greater knowledge from growing up in two different cultures and realize that you are smarter than the people who feel their culture is superior. I also understand how a person’s background can influence their behaviors, work ethic and thoughts much better than people who only identify themselves with one race or culture…”


“The elite fitness trainers or martial arts instructors understand that their body,image and their skills are the cover of their business… Each day I have to work hard on developing extra tools for my overall repertoire. Personally, I do not like to lift weights, however I understand carrying a little extra muscle mass is marketable for our readers or potential clients. “

“I never really get too stressed about things that normally would upset others. I already know my life has already been predetermined. The reason I believe this is when I was a young kid I had visions of me doing the type of work I do now. The only things that are in my control, is how good I will be at my destiny in the years to come and how I treat others…”


“I am very lucky that I am able to train like a man that is 10 to 15 years younger. The main reasons are I have very little wear and tear on my body and I never consumed or been dependent on any anabolic hormones. 

What happens is when you use testosterone; you ruin your health and you will be totally dependent on PCT medication, anti-estrogen supplements or testosterone injections just to live life. Once you start taking testosterone, you will need these drugs just to be happy for the rest of your life. Testosterone should never be used for athletic competitions or bodybuilding. Testosterone should only be used for non athletes when prescribed by an endocrinologist for health reasons.”

“One of the biggest mistakes some people make is they fail to learn from others, because they feel they are better. Having a large ego is great when it comes to a person’s self belief, but you have to be careful when it blinds you from recognizing the strength of others. I know a lot of people who fail to reach their potential because they would rather compete with someone, instead of learning from them.” 


When a person likes to show off their materials or image by living life to impress other people by being cool, they will usually create the wrong circle of friends that cause many negative relationships. Many people will pretend to like you for your money or your social status, however they will not like you for who you are. If you act like yourself and do not care who likes you, you may not be as popular; but you will be around the people you are supposed to be with. “

“I like to record everything that I do each day on a typed journal so I can look back and figure out what works and what does not work each day. I can check each month’s efforts and look at what progress I made and what mistakes that I need to correct. You can tell how focused someone is by the detail of the way they keep records of their work…”

“I never understand why many people make generalized statements on social media posts, especially when it pertains to people who describe the opposite sex. There are so many ‘different types’ of men and women, that general statements make a person seem limited intellectually or emotionally. If you are going to make a statement describing the opposite sex, you should include specific facts and actual percentages to make your statement seem valid.”


“Unfortunately I started studying boxing and martial arts pretty late in life at around age 30 due to circumstances. This put me at major disadvantage when compared to other people who start when they are real young. What I did was not liste…n to when people who told me it was too late, I studied daily video, I had to pay many trainers and most importantly I believed in my natural abilities. Now 4 years later, I feel I am one of the best instructors in my local area and my mindset is getting closer to competing. This is becoming a reality because of my extreme self-belief and not listening to negativity.”

“If I read something or hear something that I do not understand; I will stop what I am doing, get my dictionary out, take notes and click my search engine to do research. Then I will decide if I can come to a conclusion about a topic based on accurate research. Society would be a lot more informed if we all do what I do…”

“Many media companies or channels are backed up by corporations who have special interests. When you read their stories, you have to research which companies are funding them and what they stand for. This will give you an idea of why certain news gets reported, why a story is edited and why other stories are kept quiet… Many news outlets that the majority of us watch on cable, are actually filtered media. That means some of the stories are omitted to protect their sponsor’s interests… This philosophy also applies to some of our politicians who make or veto certain laws…”

“One thing that gives me an advantage the past two years, is I am able to do work at any time. Many times I train, answer emails, publish stories or do research at 2am. The clock really does not matter to me. To me it is all about getting it done. When my body and mind says rest, I rest…”

“Never put limits on your ability to figure out the truth. Many people are defeated when they refuse to research new ideas or concepts because they lack the self belief, courage or discipline to learn…”

“Every day I take a few minutes to study the best people in my field on my social media accounts. I look at what ideas I can use and what I can do better. I try to keep the most talented people in my newsfeeds, so I can be exposed to daily positivity and knowledge.”

“I always believe you should act the same on the internet, at the workplace and at the public setting. There is always an acceptable way to carry yourself. I am not a big believer of using social media to spread drama, negativity or share excessive emotion. That is the type of behavior that should be dealt privately behind closed doors. To me, social media is a tool for learning and should be used to spread knowledge, charities, positivity or be used to make money…”


“I never have been the friendly, outgoing or charismatic type of trainer. My skills, my technical ability, my will and the ability to find out what motivates a person is why I have been able to have some success in this business… Fitness t…raining and teaching martial arts is a very serious business. Many trainers will try to act too friendly or personal when they lack the skills or experience…”


“You can measure a person’s character, based on how they treat people who are considered below average, poor, unattractive or if they help people that cannot do something for them in return. It is easy to be nice to good looking, strong, famous people or a person who has a lot of wealth…”

“I have reached a point in my training where I have to take training more serious, especially with cleaner eating habits… Now that I am sparring and grappling at Wilkes MMA, I train with fighters who are 10 to 15 years younger than me that literally want to hurt me in training. Working out with weights to look good is very easy when compared to training with young killers…”

“Today was a productive day… I trained my boxing clients, answered emails, published some articles, lifted weights, went to Jujitsu practice and now I am going to listen to Real Combat Media Boxing Radio while I rest…”



“I believe if you write something or put a video on the internet or social media, it should be either entertaining, helpful or educational for people. The rest really does not matter…”

“When I read my status updates, I identify many people who have false egos or pride. People post things like they have “haters” or they are “deleting” some of their friend list.

Unless you are among the world’s best at what you do, the hater post should never be mentioned. If you are posting about deleting friends, you definitely need to get over having a superiority complex, because it really means you have a low self esteem and fake confidence.”

Real Combat Media.COM turns just two years old this week and Real Combat Media Radio will be one in two months. We are now among some of the best international mma and boxing online publications in the world and we are a sponsored company. However, the next 2-5 years there will be some major improvements and plans ahead as we continue to grow. I am spending the next 60 days planning our future, fixing our mistakes and restructuring.


“A few keys to getting results in training, is pay attention to technique, practice repetitions and love the way you look when you execute a movement… Pay attention to your movements in strength training, conditioning and martial arts by perfecting detail. I feel looking at the mirror and watching videos are very important for that mind and body connection. This will improve the confidence in a specific movement and increasing efficient output or results…”


“If I become wealthy one day, no one will know except my very close family. That is the right way to be. That is how you keep the peace and prevent unnecessary drama. People with insecurities and confidence issues or they are immature, are the ones who need to show off their wealth because they have something to prove.”

“Not caring about what most people think is one of my greatest strengths. I usually only listen to people who do things better than me or have more knowledge and experience than I have in certain areas. Anything less usually wastes my time and clouds my focus… ”
“Understanding how to enhance cognitive brain fuction is just as important as health and fitness. We are not as limited as we think we are. You can enhance the brain by clean eating, research and by understanding which herbs, plants, environment or toxins that affect the brain.”

“I feel that technology and social media gives us the opportunity to establish more friendships… However, since we have so many choices, the quality and the strength of the friendships or relationships, are always at risk. The human mind is designed to function in small groups or families and technology can alter the natural thinking process…”

“12 years ago today, when I was 22, I remember going up to the mountain called Washington Rock in NJ right away with my friends when the towers went down and saw the devastation over NY. I had no idea that after that day, we would never have… the same freedoms again, local police powers were about to become even stronger and future wars were about to be started . That one day changed our country and especially the NY/NJ area forever…”


“Most of the time if we fall short on a goal, it is because of either procrastination, lack of preparation, sloth or being selfish. It takes unselfish teamwork to do great things and you have to avoid procrastinating by starting a task before it becomes too late. Being slothful is the body trying to satisfy its comfort level by taking the easier path. Failure because of hard circumstances is the excuse less than 1% of the time…”

“If you are a person who knows your rise is inevitable, you must keep a written list of supporters of who you will continue to associate and hangout with, when that day finally comes. Once you reach that level, people will come from all places, including your past to be around you. If you are not prepared ahead of time, you can fall very fast…”

“I am at that perfect age in life with being in born in 1979… I am old enough to experience all the great times, wisdom and great entertainment of the 80 and 90’s . I am still young enough to perform at a peak level and still have time to reach all my future goals. Wisdom, experience, good health, motivation and youth is a powerful combination that I have on my side right now.”

“You can take the easier less stressful route, by living by a conventional lifestyle like most people, or you can take difficult calculated risks and strive to create your own book…”

“Goals or people that come too spontaneously or easily, usually do not last very long. Most of the time, it will be as easy as it is for you to get, as it is for the next person. Most good things that last in life or have value, usually take careful planning, correct timing, correct thought and persistence to obtain…”

“I feel very lucky to have a small voice on the social media networks in 2013 and do not take it for granted. Instead of posting some useless words, I get the opportunity to educate and inspire others. I also get the opportunity to learn from others. These opportunities would have been impossible just 10 years ago and still are for the oppressed nations…”

“Each day I wake up, I remind myself I am special, rare and talented. At the same time I remind myself of my weaknesses and problems that need to be solved to remain humble. This is how I motivate myself each day before I start my work. I am not the type of person who needs others to motivate me. At the end of the day, I ask myself how I did for the day…”

“The more intense, driven, passionate or extreme a person is by nature, the more likely they will become very successful or end up doing something very crazy. If you are one of these types of people, it is very important that you stay away from people who are negative or create drama. You need to create a positive outlet for your energy and live in a calm environment to remain safe…”


“Each day I wake up, I realize I am very lucky to have my freedom and I feel bad for the good people in jail. It is unfortunate that our society’s prison system is an enterprise that is made up of private investors. Which means it is a business that makes profit off cheap labor, legal fees, tickets, possession of property and court costs. Statistics prove we have the highest incarceration rate in the world for this reason. Prisons should be just being for dangerous people who hurt others and a place to rehabilitate. It should not be a place to make a profit off the innocent…”

“I measure the strength of a person by how well they hold their composure and anger under pressure situations or during personal conflicts. The stronger your mind is, fewer problems should bother you. The reason is you can figure out how to solve problems or differentiate serious problems from ones that really do not matter.”

“Understanding a person’s animal traits or genetic instincts are usually the way I determine what to expect out of a person. You can usually determine this by how a person moves or stands. It’s important to understand your own insticts, rather than worrying about how others want you to behave. Behaviors are learned and traits are inherited…”

“Most people are complacent by being average. However, people like me are born competitive and have to defeat the competition. Being born this way, can alienate you from others at times. They may not understand that you need extra time to yourself in order to improve each day or spend time working with others who share the same drive and work ethic…”

“ADVANCED TRAINING TIP: Over the years I do not spend a lot of time lifting weights. But what I do to increase my upperbody power, is put on a 90lb backpack or belt and pull my myself up, then do dips or pushups upside down. That’s pretty much all I need and I am done in 20 minutes. I can get very strong in a short amount of time this way…”

“Believe or not, it is not that difficult to become rich in our country if you  sacrifice your principles and morals. You can choose to make money the slower honest way or you can make money the fast way by using evil methods or selling out your soul. If you make ‪#‎money‬ by sticking to your principles, you can walk around proud each day with your head up and sleep well…”


“I think about getting everything done so when I am old, I have no regrets. I think about achieving my full physical and mental potential before it is too late. When I feel lazy or tired, that kind of fear keeps me focused to hurry up. I hate hearing older people talk about how they gave up and talk about what could of been…”

“It is very satisfying and rewarding to watch a creation grow that was once a thought in my imagination. Not everyone has the desire, work ethic, resilience and passion to follow through on ideas that are created from our powerful brains. Most of us take the easier route or less stressful path and follow the imagination of others…”

“I am my own father. I am self raised and self educated…”

“Just got back from doing sprints and stairs at 1:30AM. I have not been this determined in years. Now I have to publish and promote tonight’s fight articles.”

“I force myself to run very early 4 to 5 times a week because I am trying to reprogram my brain’s neurons to enjoy cardio. After I do enough training, I want my mind to get addicted to training so I can secure my goals. Reprogramming the reward circuitry of the brain takes a few months of consistency.  I want my weaknesses to become my strengths.”


“Recognize and refuse the first option your mind gives you when you are trying to achieve a difficult goal. Subconsciously, your mind is programmed to give you an easy outlet for failure, or to help you make the easiest choice. Comfort will always be the first thought on your mind, than actually making the choice to perform the hard work necessary to accomplish the goal…”



“One thing that I am learning as I mature each day, is to stop ignoring the initial signs of weakness, insecurities, dishonesty, addictions or emotional unstability in some others out of kindness. These kind of people, are people who you cannot build new relationships with or make money with. If you identify these issues in others early on, you will save yourself valuable time and money.”

“It’s very sad and very unfortunate news what has happened today in Boston. However, when I see all these posts and reactions to a few people dying, I hear no one posting on FB about Syria for the whole year? Syria is going through one of th…e worst civil wars in modern history. There is about 60,000 killed in just 2013, plus another 70,000 killed in 2012. Even if they are not from our country, we should also be concerned about all these deaths…”

“Your character should be measured or judged by your efforts and attempts to keep your word. If you do not plan to do something or do not believe in what you are saying, do not say it…”
“A failure understands quitting is the easiest and most comfortable option during hard times. These kind of people are usually the majority. They will search for excuses, and will look to confide in others who gave up on their aspirations, so they have company. Losing motivation is usually caused by a number of reasons. It could be caused by alcohol abuse, drug abuse, lack of rest, poor diet or by being around negative people…”



“One thing that I enjoy about my work is we create opportunities for people. We are able to find talent and help them launch their dreams and journalist careers when they show heart, knowledge and drive. That is the most satisfying thing about my work.”

“I see many religious jokes today on facebook and feel that there is no place online to make fun of a person’s religion or convince someone that their religion is correct, whether it is right or wrong. We need to respect a person’s creed, because the topic has started wars, created martyrs and for some, it controls their whole life. It’s better to concentrate on being united and helping others then actually judging a person’s religion.”

“When you do all the right things like Bernard Hopkins does, you age at a very slow rate. He does everything clean and by the book. People should learn from his disciplined lifestyle. He does not put any toxins in his body that destroys his cells like drinking and smoking tobacco. That is why he just won a title.”

“One thing about Ronda Rousey that separates her from almost all other fighters, is she has the best “extreme focus”. She has tunnel vision of just using that armbar and does not think about anything else. The ability for her to stay so focused in her mental game is what makes her successful right now. Some fighters look around at the crowd and she just looks at one target and that is only to destroy her opponent. ”


“Unfortunately, we all have different circumstances and obstacles that make life unfair, just like the animal kingdom. The animals in the jungle survive by who is stronger and by who is the more intelligent animal. It’s no different in the human race. When you complain about life, your surroundings, become complacement, unhealthy and feel sorry for yourself, you will eventually be consumed by the superior animal or human.”

“I am doing some tedious promotional stuff for our shows right now. Promoting and doing the boring stuff in the middle of the night is what I have to do be among the best and get rich. At the same time I do this boring stuff, I am listening to audio seminars to expand my knowledge. These are the reasons why we keep making moves.”

“I actually do believe demonic or evil spirits really exist. There is too much evidence to believe the contrary. Society’s negative behavior as far as failed relationships, thievery, racism, disloyal people, arrogance, lack of principles, cruelty, addiction and world conflicts make me believe this really exists. The ones who do not believe, are most susceptible to the evil spirits and more likely to behave negatively. I did not come up with this belief from a religion; I just believe this based on life experience.”

“My friends who work with me, stick by me during the long rough times and believe in my plans are going places with me. So far, I have done everything that I said I was going to do and this is just the start. Every move I make has a detailed well thought out plan and an objective. When I make mistakes, I usually correct them.”


“FB, emails and smart phones are designed to retrieve as much information as possible to keep us tracked. I believe to keep your private life and your online life separate to protect yourself, friends or your family. A lot of people these days can not figure that out and have the desire to make every detail public knowledge.”

“I only associate with very few amount of positive people these days since time is limited. I talk to hungry people who share the same desire to get to the top of our business. Anything less is a waste of valuable time and production. I am in my early 30’s and the time clock is running out.”

“Unfortunately no one cares or will mention you when you are average, below average or just pretty good at your craft. That’s the cold truth of the society that we live in. We have to strive to be great at everything we do, if you expect to have any type recognition. However, getting praised or recognized is not important for everyone.”

“My confidence is not developed from any accomplishments or compliments. Confidence is built by the ability to recover from setbacks, staying composed under pressure and by turning negative situations into positive situations…”

“2012, I was very patient, very nice and gave a lot of people opportunities. It burned me once in a while. In 2013, I am more experienced with a lot more wisdom… I am going to be a lot more direct, more aggressive and will only work with people who share similar desire to be the best at what they do…”



“Behave the same as you do on Christmas as you act the rest of the year. Give to others and contact family members all year, instead of just once a year…”

“A mistake some people make when communicating with others or by doing business, is they feel they are the only person in the world. It is easy to recognize people who are not empathetic towards others. I determine this by listening to how much a person changes the subject matter during a conversation…”

“Sometimes you just have to grab what you want and do not let anyone stop you at all costs. However, you need to be careful what you grab and make sure it’s the right choice. Think before taking a risk and make sure what you want is meant to be…”

“For my first 28 years, I was distracted by life and other people. It’s easy to get caught up in your daily life routine at a job and to not think of new ideas to advance your mind. Now, I take the time each day to self reflect, review my daily notes and judge my daily performance…”

“Everyday I wake up with a plan to build off the previous day and work as fast as I can. Time is not on my side to build a legacy and make an impact on others. No time to waste as I enter my prime…”


“Never create drama and never run from it either. If it is your time, it’s your time.”

“Most things in life are about proper timing and planning. I am extremely patient and calculating when I make decisions. As I become older, I make less decisions based on my emotions or mood. I never make spontaneous decisions…”

” I expect success and I do not hope for it. When you expect something to happen or have faith, you just do the work that needs to be done to win, without complaining. Hoping to win is the first sign of self doubt. Hoping for something gets you nothing.”

“You can actually tell how “SELF-CENTERED” a person is by reading a person’s facebook profile. Just count how many “I’s”, “MYSELFS” and “ME’s” that are mentioned in a person’s posts or quotes in a month’s time. They usually have very little to offer the world…”


“When you are truly in love with yourself, you will not have too much anger with others who attack you. The reason is, you do not the insecurities about yourself to get angry about. You accept the truth, know your strengths and accept your weakness. You realize your enemies are full of insecurities that are trying to prove something.”

“A genuine loyal person only comes around a very few amount of times in a person’s lifetime, if you are lucky. Never expect to find loyalty, if ever. However, you will easily find people who are loyal to materialism, a paycheck, and to save their own comfort or freedom. It is important to know the difference of who is who, when you are dealing with others…”

“At this stage in my life I only care about impressing myself. When I do not give a good effort or do well, I let myself know that I did not do good. When I am happy with my accomplishments or the job I am doing, I congratulate myself at the end of the day.”

“The ability to be yourself to everyone helps separate the people who should be around you, from the people that should not. When people imitate others or act nice to others for social acceptance, they will tend to constantly bring the wrong people in their lives.”



“I am destined for greatness !”


“If someone asks me if I represent a country, political party, a race or a culture. The answer is no. I consider a person who lives in another country my equal. I am from planet Earth. Having the need to be superior and divided from others is what causes a lot of the world’s problems.”


“True Happiness is when you do not care what other people think and you makes decisions based on your heart, not on what is socially acceptable. Just be yourself.”


“It takes more strength to hold your temper then to lose it.”


“Always keep your cool and never harm anyone. The way I deal with difficult times, is to think of a more difficult problem that you already conqured in the past. Nothing is ever smooth in life.”


“We are responsible for people who have less intelligence or are less knowledgeable. Remember this when conducting business and making a sale. Never take advantage of anyone.”


 Do not ever steal anyone’s money or try to stop their livelyhood. That’s a good way to stay alive. Jealousy and to make fun of people is for the weak. Use this as fuel to reach your goals. Enjoy the critics. I love it.”


” My views on marriage and relationships are to never stress and chase love. If it is meant to be it will happen. Love yourself first, then you will be capable to love others.”


“The computer should not be used to search for love. The computer is for business and expanding general knowledge.”