Boxing Is A Fun Team Building Idea For A Healthier And Fitter Corporate Team

By Jackie Edwards

When you think of team building exercises, chances are you think of boring activities employees feel obligated to do to appease their managers. But these activities can really be fun if you think out of the box for creative ideas. An example of a fun activity with many benefits is boxing. Research has found that there are various health benefits to boxing, even if you don’t go pro.

Training for boxing, such as by hitting a punching bag, can reduce stress and boost feel-good hormones, making you feel confident and happy. By doing boxing activities with your co-workers, such as by letting team members throw punches at each other’s boxing pads, you’ll give everyone a chance to let loose, have a bit of fun, boost their fitness skills, and learn more about each other in the process, which will prove valuable when you get back to the office. Here’s how boxing can benefit you and your team, making you healthier and improving your productivity at the office.

Boxing Keeps You Strong

When you do boxing exercises, you feel mentally and physically stronger. Boxing targets the entire body, so it’s a great way to stay fit, but it also helps you and your team to destress after a hard week at the office. When punching a mitt or heavy bag, you release adrenaline that helps you to eliminate tension while boosting endorphins. If you’ve ever said you needed a punching bag in the office, then you already knew on some level that boxing is great to get rid of stress!

Boxing Helps You Find Solutions To Problems

You might not think that boxing can help you solve problems, but it teaches you skills that’ll come in handy when work is stressful or you’re unsure of what to do to fix a problem. When you face your opponent during a game, you have to stay focused and pay attention. There’s no time for negative thinking. You have to clear your mind and try to get your punches in before your opponent does while learning to stay calm in the face of danger. These problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to remain calm during times of stress, is highly important for your team members to master.

Boxing Boosts Your Motivation

Group teambuilding has many benefits, such as improving relationships between team members. It’s especially important to do outside of the office if your team members don’t get a chance to bond at work because everyone’s concentrating on achieving their career goals. By boxing together, you can encourage some healthy competition between team members because it allows you to direct competitive experiences with other team members in a controlled setting. This can help people learn new things about each other and how they interact outside of the office, which can be enlightening.

Boxing Increases Your Skill Set

Boxing requires you to learn new techniques and strategies. When you learn and practice them, they can boost your self-esteem. You realize you can achieve so much more than you thought, which will bring great energy into the workplace. Sometimes your team needs a motivational boost, and what better way than to make them see they can learn and enjoy new skills outside of the office?

Boxing Improves Workplace Productivity

Your body awareness, otherwise known as proprioception, is what makes boxing and martial arts so special. When your body and brain join forces, your brain instructs your muscles to move more effectively. Boxing can make your movements more graceful but it also causes your motor movements to become easier. These skills can rub off on other areas of your life, with research showing that when you increase your proprioception you boost your memory for various tasks, such as math, puzzles, and those requiring the use of logic. All of these can help to improve your performance in the workplace.

Boxing Boosts Your Creativity

When you try something new and learn a new skill, it refreshes your mind! This is essential in the workplace, where sometimes brainstorming sessions end up being boring, run-of-the-mill meetings. After a boxing session in which your team has enjoyed a high-intensity session of exercise that has made their blood pump and their muscles flex, they’ll feel amped to want to head back to the office with some great project ideas. Instead of just committing to one boxing session, consider having regular sessions as they’re a great way to take your team members out of the office where they can get their creative juices flowing.

Boxing is a creative and interesting teambuilding activity you can do with your corporate team. It boosts your health, fitness, and allows you to have fun, but also give employees a chance to boost their workplace skills, such as communication and motivation. This will filter into your workplace, creating a productive and energetic team at the office.





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