Incorporate Cycling To Improve Your Boxing Training

By Jackie Edwards

With over five million individuals in the US taking part in boxing for fitness and over thirty-six million taking part in stationary cycling, this combination forms a huge part of the fitness industry. Boxing provides a number of health benefits such as stress relief and the release of feel-good hormones, but with boxing comes the need for an intense fitness regime. It’s not just a case of a quick gym session, it requires all over muscle strength, cardio and core fitness for optimal performance and indoor cycling is an excellent way to increase the aerobic exercise required to be your best.

Aerobic exercise is essential

Boxing requires stamina and without aerobic exercise, it would be difficult to go the distance required. It’s important to work on cardiovascular fitness and then begin to focus on technique. Aerobic exercise involves moving large muscles in your body repeatedly and causes you to maximize the amount of oxygen in your blood by breathing more deeply and faster and cycling is one exercise which can do this.

How can cycling help

Cycling is an excellent form of aerobic exercise and there is no excuse not to be your fighting best if you use an indoor bike. Exercise bikes provide safe and low-impact cardiovascular exercise, they are easy to use and are kind to joints, as they take the pressure off your knees and back, and it’s likely that most, if not all gyms will have at least one exercise bike. If you want to use your own bike indoors without investing in an exercise bike, then you could use an amazing fluid or magnetic stand to change your bike into a stationary model.

Recumbent bikes are an option

To be an effective boxer you need to be training regularly on your aerobic capacity which means you need to have easy access to an aerobic workout. Whether you invest in a bike or use one at the gym there are different options. Recumbent bikes have forward-facing pedals and a large seat which is gentle on joints and muscles and allow a fantastic aerobic workout. They are beneficial too if you have any injuries you need to go easy on and they will build important lower body strength.

Upright bikes for a more thorough workout

Upright, or spin bikes, are an alternative to recumbent bikes and are more like road bikes and provide a similar workout. These use the arm muscles, so will improve arm muscle tone if used regularly which is important for boxing. In addition, they work the core which is another essential area required in boxing.

How often should I cycle? 

This will depend on your current fitness levels, your boxing ability and goals. To box you need endurance and indoor bikes will build cardiovascular fitness if you use them regularly. Regular spin classes or sessions on the bike are vital for aerobic fitness, which should be combined with separate strength sessions and development of boxing technique.

Whether you box for pleasure or at a competitive level you need stamina. Aerobic workouts build stamina and a great way to incorporate this into your routine is to use an indoor bike. There are various styles and types you can use and the one you choose will depend on your fitness, goals and access, but one thing is for certain, indoor cycling will improve your fitness and should help you on your way to your boxing best.





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