Stay Healthy with a Military Diet Plan

By Jackie Edwards

Leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy, but once you get onto a better path, you begin to form the right habits to get fit and healthy – and stay that way. If you feel you need to change your lifestyle or, are already on the road to a leading a healthier lifestyle, but would like to find a way to enhance your body combat training, one way to do that is with the military diet plan.

The military diet plan – also known as the three-day diet – wasn’t created by any military institution, nor does it have any Government affiliations. But, what it does have is a strict, three-day calorie intake regime, that’s designed to encourage your body to lose weight while also showing you that life without sugar isn’t so bad.

What is the military diet?

The military diet has been designed so that during a three-day period you’ll only consume around 3,500 calories – 1,100-1,300 on the first two days and 700-800 in the third day. However, while that’s a lot less calories and energy than many people usually eat, the guidelines also suggest the exercise you take on those three days is low-energy, such as walking. Anything else could be too strenuous when you are giving your body less energy, so save your serious combat and any other training you do, for the days when you’re consuming more calories and have more energy to expend.

The foods that followers of the military diet eat include:

  • ·         Toast
  • ·         Eggs
  • ·         Tuna
  • ·         Chicken
  • ·         Grapefruit
  • ·         Bananas
  • ·         Apples
  • ·         Carrots
  • ·         Broccoli
  • ·         Ice Cream

There are substitutes available for people who are gluten free, or simply don’t like some of the foods. That’s something that makes it easier for more people to follow.

On the four days of the week you’re not following the strict military diet guidelines, you can eat a more normal diet. Although, it’s recommended you try and keep the calorie intake to around the 1,500 mark. To do that you need to think carefully about what you eat, which means less sugar and more protein and good fats.

A diet with those attributes is a great way to promote good health and give your body everything it needs, while cutting down on the things it doesn’t.

Exercise While Dieting

As we already mentioned, the Military Diet plan suggests you only undertake light exercise during the low calorie, three-day phase. However, it also mentions daily exercise in the four days you eat a less restricted diet, too. And, as you’re taking in more calories and have free rein to eat a diet that can give you more energy through protein and good fats, you should be able to safely exercise more strenuously.

There are many types of exercise and each of us has our own preferences, including combat training. However, if you want to get fitter faster and work on increasing your metabolism, High-Intensity Interval Training – HIIT – could be a good option to complement and enhance your longer combat and martial arts workouts.

HIIT training is a great way to get fit, lose weight and tone up on its own, or as an additional challenge to your usual workouts. The idea is to do an intense workout for anything from 10-20 minutes. In that time, you’ll perform an exercise for 30-40 seconds and rest for 30-20 seconds, before moving onto the next exercise. You can either do all different moves, or repeat a set of any number. There are a variety of options and free workouts to follow on the internet, including plenty of short ones that would work well as a warm up or top-up to your regular combat training program.

Exercise and Learn to Protect Yourself, Too

All exercise that requires real physical effort, is good for the body and the mind. Combat training is a perfect example. Not only does it help you become fitter and stronger, it’s also a great skill to learn as many of the moves you practice will help you defend yourself, whether you’re male or female.

Combat and martial arts training incorporate many movements that will help you stay safe if ever you’re in a situation that becomes violent. While kicking and punching feature heavily in workouts, moves to block an opponent or threatening individual are also a big part of it.

Indeed, if you wish to take your combat training to the next level, you could even begin a new career in close protection or possibly in the forces. That’s because combat and martial arts training aren’t only about fitness. The moves you’re taught and make are about protecting yourself and others and countering a physical, violent threat.

The Healthiest Lifestyles Combine Diet and Fitness

If you’re in the process of trying to change your lifestyle to one that is healthier, the best way to do that, is to combine a change in your diet with the best fitness workouts for you. Starting off slowly is a good idea, as that way you can get used to new things and your body will become stronger over time.

The old adage that your workouts don’t get easier, it’s just your body getting stronger, is very true. That’s something you’ll come to understand as you begin to find your first work-outs less taxing – both physically and mentally.

The same is true of changing your diet. Following a plan such as the Military diet – or other healthy diet plans – is a way to get quick results, while also changing the way you think and feel about food. It’s a fuel for your body and you can either choose the best type of fuel or fuel that gives you energy but not in the best way.

For a healthy lifestyle you can stick to and benefit from even as you get older, the choice is a pretty simple one.



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